The conflicts I have faced this past week, within myself concerning Beau, who I spoke about in Meeting Your Soul Self , has led me to some important realisations.  I realised that I accused him of many things that may be interpreted as weaknesses or fears, however on closer inspection I realised all the labels I … Continue reading Blossoming

A Loving State of Mind

February is well and truly over and with its departure the sentimentality of the celebration of valentines has dissolved and become absorbed into the normalcy of every day life.  Yet love is a topic towards which my mind often ponders and whether or not we think it or accept it, every single one of us cannot live without love. 

Letting go of Self Doubt

Self doubt is a crippling feeling of uncertainty about yourself and can take the form of doubt about your confidence, ability or likability in relation to social status. In this blog I want to share with you some ways you can overcome self doubt. I will also introduce crystals and meditation that you can use to support in developing your confidence and moving away from fear of the negative internal self.