Crystal Therapy

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I provide a 60 minute Crystal therapy healing session and can travel to any area within London. 

My session cost is £20

This is what we do in a session:

  • Talk about your health and well-being
  • Choose crystals that align with your needs
  • Provide a 15 minute back massage using smooth massage crystals
  • Place the crystals that you have chosen on and around your body to balance your energy
  • Clear and boost your energy field and your Chakra center

A crystal massage combines the benefits of massage with the vibrations of healing crystals to balance and revitalize your whole body.  When providing a crystal massage, I use crystals that can easily glide across the skin.  Combined with aromatherapy oils to ensure smoothness of the massage and relaxation from the aroma. The crystals are chosen as a combination that is dependent on the healing that you require.   

Please use the contact form to make enquiries about the Crystal Therapy Healing Session