Sacred Spaces

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Sacred spaces have been predominant in ancient civilisations and cultures as a way for people to connect with themselves, each other and the divine.  In this blog I talk about how we can all create sacred spaces within our life.

Temples of worship 


Almost two years ago I watched a video (the one above) where Mystic Sadhguru was sharing the construction of his new temple devoted to feminine energy.  What I found interesting about this video; was the attention to detail placed in the construction of the temple and the exploration of consecrating energy forms.  What excited me about this was the aspect of setting an intention of creating a sacred space that would then allow a certain type of energy to be created when using the space for meditative and yoga practice. 

I think it is really important to create sacred spaces in your life because it can support in maintaining harmony, balance and can be a place of refuge away from the stress and disruption of everyday life.  Of course not everyone has the finances or the time to create a sacred space such as a temple.  However there are some smaller things that we can all do to create sacred spaces with what we have available to us.

Create sacred spaces: home, patio or garden

A place for personal meditation doesn’t need to be very big at all in fact one of the most important thing is that it is a place where you can feel safe and comfortable.

Lights and Colour

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For spaces outside you may choose to create an inviting area by using lights and selecting a colour light of your choice that resonates with you, this can be very impacting for setting the right mood.   I talk about colour therapy and how colour impacts our moods and well being in my colour therapy blog

Garden candles and tealights can add a touch of fragrance to the relaxing ambience and mood of outdoor spaces.  I use a combination of wax and battery operated candles and tealights.   I like the range of flickering battery operated tealights available as using them also saves me money as I only need to replace the battery and these ate inexpensive.


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I went to visit the beautiful sky garden this week and I was truly inspired by the way in which the use of plants was incorporated into the building.  I felt that the way the plants were used in both a horizontal and vertical way interwove nature into the world of concrete and steel and brought a sense of gentleness and earthy sensuality to the environment. 

Add plants to your sacred space for oxygen, colour, fragrance and energy.  Urbanised societies spend about 80% of our time indoors, whether due to work, study or ill health.  So the quality of our indoor environment is really important for our health and so we can improve the quality of our indoor environment by introducing plants into our living spaces[2].   There are a range of indoor plants that are known to be beneficial in improving the air quality.   Scientific studies have shown that plants can absorb harmful volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) found in substances such as cigarette smoke, pesticides and plastics. These VOC’s have been linked to health problems such as respiratory conditions and nausea.  [1]   

I have plants all around my home and in my garden, I like the way the plants in my home bring a sense of natural living to the inside space.  I have some low maintenance plants such as the money plant, fern and spider plant. 


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Water features can be found from the very simple to the very elaborate, and can be a pleasant sight and sound.  It is worth investing in one as part of your sacred space if you are able to.  The gentle sound of water is pleasant and is often linked to feelings of being soothed and relaxation.  

I really enjoy my fish tank in the kitchen because it has a small filter that keeps a stream of running water, which creates a relaxing soothing sound.  Sometimes I quite happily sit beside it and enjoy a cup of herbal tea.  



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I love cushions, and the beautiful things about them is that they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours and cushioniness to choose from.  Invest in some good quality cushions for your meditation and relaxation sacred space, whether you use them for meditating upright or in savasana, it is always a worthwhile investment.   Think about the colours and style that you find soothing and relaxing.  Get your favourite essential oil or perfume and place a few sprinkles or sprays on the cushion to really get your senses activated with the aroma. 

Creating mobile sacred spaces


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Sometimes in our busy lives we may be on the go and away from the static space that we have made sacred.  In order to introduce sacredness and to create a space for meditation in our lives we can carry small items that mean something to us.  Such as a tealight in a colour and scent that we like; this can be used to place on a desk and can be a focus of calm and meditation at stressful moments.  

Carry a a favourite crystal in your bag or pocket, tumble stones come in a variety of different crystals and colours and can be great for something to hold and rub for anchoring yourself in challenging situations.  

Make a pocket quote with your favourite chant or quote, they are great for keeping on a desk or taking out in busy environments in order to invoke a sense of calm, clarity and intention when away from home.    

Invest in a calming roller ball oil fragrance, there are many varieties available using a range of individual and blended essential oil scents.  Experiment with a range of scents to find one that works for you.   Good quality roller balls can range from anywhere in the region of £10 upwards.   So try looking on Amazon as you can get the roller balls yourself, along with the essential oils and base carriers such as avocado oil, coconut oil or almond oil.  With these ingredients you can make a variety of blends to even share with friends and family.  


Creating a scared space like meditation is a very personal experience and so it should be created with your personal well being in mind.  Sacred spaces do not need to be expensive and can range from the very simple things to the more elaborate.  The important thing to remember when creating a sacred space is that it should be something that resonates with you and supports your meditative intention.  

Namaste 🙂 


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