Speak Up

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Are you Struggling to Talk? 

Stepping into my truth has in the past been a struggle and there have been things I have wanted to communicate to people that I have not been able to; both in love and in pain.  At times it would feel as though there was an invisible rope around my throat preventing me from expressing the things that I needed to.   In this blog I want to talk more on the throat chakra and the importance of balancing this chakra in order to achieve the results from communication, that will enable you to feel heard. 

In an increasingly fast paced world I see that quality and truthful communication will continue to contract unless a real and exacting change is made.  This is why I feel it is necessary to continue to raise awareness on the essential and ancient art of conversation. Within the society I live in, having a filter is considered to be good manners and from a young age children are often shushed into negating their feelings and truth.  I have also noticed a reoccurring theme in corporate and governmental processes where people feel that they are not being heard, that their needs are not being listened to even in matters directly concerning and affecting them.   


Engineering Conversation 

There is something beautiful and artisan like surrounding expressive communication that cradles those involved and sparks interest, inspiration, innovation and creativity.  Society states that everything has been done already and we have reached the pinnacle of our human ability within this existence.  However I don’t think that this is true, I do feel however; that we have become disengaged from the art of inclusive conversation that once served to engineer thoughts within the mind that cultivated ideas and creation in order to push civilisation forward into a great many things.  

Reaching the pinnacle of civilisation cannot be weighed solely on the material and physical, however; it must also associate with the way we think, live and treat one another and other living things on this earth.  In respect to advancement in this area I think there is still much to attain and there has been significant regression.  For conversation to be effective to bring about problem solving it requires engagement, creativity and more importantly truth and an absence of ego around the decision making tables.  


Activating Your Throat Chakra

The throat Chakra is the way your soul expresses its message on this three dimensional platform.  Every soul has a journey that they need to live out whilst they are here and the most effective way in which to carry out their highest purpose is to be able to connect with themselves and one way in which we explore growth is through our interactions and connections with others.   Although there are many channels of connection that we can attune to both on the physical and spiritual plane,  in this blog I will focus on the spoken communication channel as for each communication plane, there is so much further depth that can be explored  


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One of the most effective ways to activate your throat chakra is through silence.  It sounds strange because silence is the opposite of spoken communication.  However creating time to be in silence whether you are still or taking part in activities in your daily life can merge your heart and throat chakras.   Stopping the chatter can support you to go inwards,  and allow space for transformation.   When in this space you remove yourself from the need to be heard and in doing so you go into truth and move away from the ego associated with communication.   After all activating the throat chakra is not simply about opening yourself to talking just for the sake of your ego wanting to be centre stage all the time, however it is about emerging to use conversation to grow.  


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What do you tell yourself? 

Truth starts from within, you can’t be truthful to other people and have honest conversation if you lie to you.   Being honest with yourself can awaken and activate a dormant Throat Chakra and you can do this by being honest with yourself about the stories that you tell you about your life and who you are.    When you speak about yourself you need to only be honest about how you represent yourself and who you are.  Perhaps you talk yourself down? Or maybe you concentrate mainly on the negative when teasing out profiles in your character.   Throat Chakra activation can only happen when you stop making up stories about who you are and what you do to yourself.   

The greatest thing about this is that even when it can be difficult to tell yourself the real story about who you are around others, you can always affirm your truth to your self, until the time you are able to connect with people who will support and accept your truth and be happy to be a part of the real you.  


Crystals for Healing your Throat Chakra

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I love turquoise, when I see and hold turquoise it reminds me of an ocean and I feel a sense of openness and creativity.   Turquoise is associated with and reflects the vibration of the energy radiating through the Throat Chakra.   Turquoise symbolises truth, creativity, self expression and communication.   If you can, I would recommend wearing turquoise as a necklace either when you are practising Throat Chakra activation or simply in your day to day life.


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Lapis Lazuli

When the third eye and throat chakra are in alignment, it can open up wonderful possibilities to view the world around you in ways that you had never previously imagined.  The feeling of the two chakra working in tandem has an effect to make your perceptions appear brand new and engages those ‘aha’ moments that often lead to thoughts such as ‘ why didn’t I see that before’.  

Lapis Lazuli works to activate both the throat and third eye chakra to engage creative perception, self discovery and realisation of inner truth.  As lapis lazuli activates the third eye this encourages greater internal knowledge, that can be more authentic as it is coming directly from source.  Lapis encourages the confidence that one needs in order to feel empowered to speak ones truth and supports in doing so in order to create strong bonds. 


Why Speak My Truth?

Communication is about about forming social connections with people around us in order to build stronger ties, whether this is in love, with friends, for business, work or pleasure.  Creating relationships based on authenticity enables you to feel comfortable within yourself when within and away from the connections you have become a part of.  Ultimately we all wish to bond with people that we are connected to and the only way to be connected to someone is to be connected to yourself. 

It is impossible to be connected to yourself if you are not truthful with yourself about the stories that you make up about you.  Or if you are constantly repressing your voice and not speaking up on how you feel.   I have found that since I have become empowered to speak my truth that life becomes easier, because I am always being honest I don’t need to keep track of the stories that I tell myself and others in order for my life to line up in the correct order.  When you are elevated to honest communication you realise that life begins to line up in the best possible way that is most suited to your soul journey.  



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