Crystals for Boosting Self Worth

Coming To The Surface

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As you can see from my blog Blossoming the last week has been one of old wounds from the past being disturbed through friction with Beau.   I have all the issues which I discussed in Blossoming that have come up to the surface, and now I continue the work of self care to minimise  those pains and hurts affecting my life any further.  In this blog I will share with you, a couple of my favourite crystals and a YouTube link from a Tara Brach talk on healing self doubt for the cultivation and restoration of self worth.  This is by no means a quick fix, healing past pains can be a short or long process and may involve many different forms of lessons. 

What is Self Worth

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Self worth or self esteem is the way we view ourselves, it is liking and accepting yourself and knowing that you are a worthy person. 

We develop our sense of self worth in approximation to (this list is not exhaustive by any means):

  • How we see our value
  • How others value us
  • Where we fit in
  • What our potential for success is
  • How independent we feel

Factors that can affect negatively on our self worth and are largely affected by our early and most impressionable years can be: 

  • Negative messages from parents, guardians, teachers, friends and siblings that stay with us into our adulthood if left unprocessed. 
  • Difficulty living up to peoples expectations or personal expectations 
  • Stress and difficult life events such as abandonment, loss, physical, verbal and sexual abuse. 

Often we limit the severity of our experience.  Or are not provided a platform to hold healthy discussions about the negative experiences as they arise.  Maybe we are told to be strong and to not talk about the experience or to keep secrets.  We then try to forget and suppress the hurt and pain and do not give ourselves the opportunity to deal with the very difficult emotions.   These emotions can then turn up later in life expressed as anger, hate and resentment towards ourselves.   

Research conducted by psychologists, counsellors and therapist and supported by the UK NHS, demonstrates that the first step towards boosting self esteem is to identify the negative beliefs you hold about yourself and challenge them.    You can do this by noting the negative beliefs and identifying when and why you first started holding them.  Also note what it is that triggers the resurfacing of old beliefs as this will support you to manage the reaction to the triggers.  


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As always I remind that crystals alone cannot do the work, you also need to feel the benefits by engaging in self care, seek counselling if you need it, journal and surround yourself with people who can support you and bring out the positive strengths in you.  It is important if you have a set of negative beliefs about yourself, to start building some new positive core beliefs about everything that is amazing about you.   

Start with recording your core strengths:

  • Have you achieved something that you never thought you could?
  • Have you recently pushed yourself outside of your comfort zone to accomplish a goal for yourself or others?
  • Have you made a difference in the life of someone else, no matter how small?   
  • You can also think of ways that you can increase you core strengths and build resilience….perhaps there is something you would like to achieve but have been putting off for sometime,  what are the first steps you can take to make that possible?
  • Maybe you may need to write a letter, meet up with someone or make a phone call? 
  • Perhaps you may even need to take a course?

Whatever it is you need to do, taking the first step is a part of breaking down those barriers and constructing a new image in your mind of your capability, which can increase your confidence greatly.   



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There is a certain power in using red gemstones and this is because red is associated with passion and vitality.  If you wish to have an introduction to colour as a therapy you can do so in my previous blog here

Cinnabar forms near recent volcanic activity and is also found in deposits associated with hot springs.  Cinnabar is a chief source of Mercury and occurs through both igneous and metamorphic transformation.  Thousands of years ago Cinnabar was used to create a red pigment for decorative and creative use.    Cinnabar is found naturally in China, Italy, Spain and certain places in the USA that include Oregon and California.

Cinnabar’s Metaphysical properties are that of supporting transformation and manifestation.  This precious mineral supports the realisation of your truth and the direction to your higher purpose by removing energy blocks and creating energy alignment.  When using Cinnabar always remember to wash your hands after use due to its mercury content.  

When you want to stimulate vitality and life force energy, red gemstones can support in motivation and courage required to strengthen the body, mind and inner knowing.  Red is associated with the Root Chakra, when the Root Chakra is not aligned it is common to feel: isolation, un-grounded, un-confident, obsessions and insecurities.   

Healing the Root Chakra using red gemstones like Cinnabar can support in allowing negative emotions to be released, so that you can increase your confidence and move forward with your life.  The feeling you get from doing this is one of exhilaration and freedom.  


Aqua Aura

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Turquoise crystals particularly in the lighter shades, support the clearing of self doubt.  The Turquoise vibration creates inner harmony and peace through self discovery and helps to find ones place in the world of both man and nature.  Aqua Aura has water element energy and water energy is associated with stillness, gentle strength and purification.  Water energy also brings out unrealised potentials.  It is a moving energy that creates balance in your life and keeps you moving forward.  

Aqua Aura is connected with the Heart and Throat Chakra and supports emotional healing to recover from past emotional hurt and pain and clear communication of inner truth.   Aqua Aura can enhance your intuition to recognise what your heart needs and will improve your ability to express love for self and others.    


Mara and the Buddha

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I want to close with a short talk from Tara Brach on healing self doubt as I think that this holds a prominent message from very ancient wisdom on how we can heal ourselves by facing our greatest internal fears. 



Wishing you all Love and Light





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