A Loving State of Mind


February is well and truly over and with its departure the sentimentality of the celebration of valentines has dissolved and become absorbed into the normalcy of every day life.  Yet love is a topic towards which my mind often ponders and whether or not we think it or accept it, every single one of us cannot live without love.  So this month I am going to be practising cultivating a more loving state of mind because when there is love in my life, anything is possible.  To do this I have chosen a few specific crystals that I will be working with to manifest the nurturing and sustainable love that I desire.  I will be using Rose Quartz, Pink Tourmaline and Amber.


Rose Quartz

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Rose Quartz is a powerful symbol of love and vibrates energy that enhances unconditional love, emotional healing and warmth.  Rose Quartz resonates directly with our Heart Chakra and can start the clearing of any blocks to giving and receiving love that have been built up by past life hurts, feelings of rejection and heartbreak.   By setting your intentions, Rose Quartz can strengthen love whether at a romantic, family or community level.  One advise I have regarding working with rose quartz to attract romantic love is to be very specific about what you wish to attract because it is a very powerful amplifier.  


Pink Tourmaline

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Pink Tourmaline resonates with the Crown Chakra to support in the cultivation of spiritual love and compassion.  It is a crystal that can be used to heal old wounds that have been created through feelings built up over time; such as guilt and anxieties.  To create room for gentleness and self love, use Pink tourmaline in your meditation to work through blocks in your emotional pain body.  



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Amber stimulates intellect and understanding.  Love requires patience and understanding, working with Amber will support in cultivating patience and gentleness.  Amber creates stability within your emotions and flexibility of your approach in your response to your experiences, these virtues that Amber imbues sets a space for trust to grow and joy to flourish.   Working with Amber can attract a tender, affectionate and lasting love by opening the pathway to attracting and restoring happiness within your life.  


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3 Ways to Feel More Love

Act like you love yourself…

Sometimes we all don’t feel that loving towards ourselves or others.  Just a few months ago I thought that I would never again feel loving towards myself, other people and even towards my own children.  I was in a very low place where self love could not also exist.  A friend told me that I needed to start pretending, to start acting like I loved myself and everything that was my life.  So that’s what I started to do, initially each time I did something lovingly good, I would try my hardest to bring myself back into a negative state of mind, because I wanted to prove that it wasn’t working.  Then I started to practice this acting of loving myself in a genuine way without even realising it initially by, running, walking, treating myself to spa days, volunteering, writing and more than anything showing my children that mummy still loved them just as much as always by spending quality time with them and trying to be present.  Overtime I noticed I started to feel brighter and lighter within myself,  the heavy cloud slowly started to lift and I started to realise that I was no longer needing to pretend or make an effort to enjoy life.  I had actually started to genuinely enjoy and appreciate my life again. 


Accept that things don’t remain in the same form forever…

Attachment is the cause of suffering, sometimes when things change before we are ready to accept the change; for example a job or a relationship, it is easy to create feelings of failure or inadequacy.  I have been there many times, and now I have realised that  there are two options; one is either sitting in and mourning the change or allowing the change to teach us something.  Create a positive visual representation by writing or drawing what you have learnt from the experience, what skills and wisdom have you cultivated? 


Greet each day with love…

When I wake up each morning I affirm that this is a new day and one within which I will practice using loving actions and words towards myself and others…  I start each day with a meditation of loving kindness, by manifesting love within myself, and sending love to my children, my friends, my work colleagues,  the headteacher at the local school, the community…whoever or whatever comes to mind I cultivate love to that.   


I’d like to share the loving kindness meditation below, its a short yet effective meditation to cultivate love and kindness into your life….happy meditating











Tantric Touch

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