Running for Better Health

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I love running and run on average of two to three times per week.  Last week I truly discovered what running means to me by realising that it is an active way that I can bring the enriching benefits of meditation and mindfulness into my daily life.  Running has been my mecca from all the difficult mental states that pervade my mind, which have affected my mood, mental and physical capability.

When I run I enjoy the sensations of my feet touching the ground, the breeze blowing against my face and the pounding of my heart as my body works to breath deeply in and out.   During my morning run I will shift the dynamic between a gentle jog, a half paced run and then a quick sprint to feel and appreciate the way in which my body and mind connects with the subtle changes.   While running I notice things more, I notice feelings within myself like the way my confidence grows and how happy I feel. I also notice things outside of me, like the force of the elements, the sweet caress of the gentle rain and the little birds chirping almost as if to cheer me on.


How Running Supports our wellbeing

  • Running builds endurance
  • Builds muscle which is excellent to maintain a healthy Body Mass Index
  • Strengthens the heart
  • Improves your overall mood because of the chemical changes it brings about in the body.  By balancing the stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol by encouraging the production of endorphins.  Endorphins are natural mood enhancers. 
  • Running a couple of times a week can support with weight loss
  • Running tones the calves, shins, hamstrings and quads.  Put some uphill terrain into the mix to work your glutes. 


Running v Ruminating

Sometimes I find it difficult to sit still in meditation and my mind wanders and I begin to ruminate.  Rumination is the process of going over the past in your mind and essentially giving yourself a psychological beating.  However what I have noticed is that when I run I gain double the benefits as I can explore being in the present moment and use the impatient energy that my body has stored to improve my fitness and health.   After running my body calms to a state of balanced relaxation and my mind is ready for meditation.  There are still remnants of rumination but not so much as when I have not engaged in any physical stimulus.

I would recommend running because of my positive experience and how it has helped me to balance my emotions and improve my physical well being.  However do not just take my word for it, I would suggest to get out and do even 10 minutes of activity that involves running for three times a week and you will see how great you feel afterwards.

Yes, I know it can be hard to get started and that’s why I am going to share with you some crystals that will help to kick start that positive energy to get you going.  Of course crystals on their own will not do, it starts with the positive attitude that needs to come from within.  You need to be honest with yourself about the real reason why you feel stuck or lack motivation.  So, say you are  in a low mood and you need to get a positive vibration, well, start with using some of the crystals that I will recommend in a very short meditation to recirculate your energy.


I would suggest a basic mantra based meditation:

  • Sitting still in a comfortable position and closing your eyes, hold your crystal in your palm.
  •  Affirm to yourself the following:  I am beautiful, I am motivated, I am strong.
  • Whilst you repeat this mantra imagine yourself running through a beautiful woods on a warm sunny day.  The forest floor is carpeted with soft lush green grass that feels cool and soothing against the sole of your feet.  As you run you see the rays of sunlight peeking through the trees and creating beautiful shapes.  Imagine yourself breathing in the fresh air, it smells pure and fragrant from the natural scent of the trees and wild flowers.  You approach a clearing in the woods and sit comfortably taking a deep breath in, filling yourself with confidence and strength.  As you breath out you release doubt and fear.  Take a deep breath in and out a further two times.  When you are ready open your eyes.

The purpose of this meditation is to energise you and harness your confidence and motivation from within. 

Blood stone- The Coaching Stone


Bloodstone can rebuild the mind and body to support you to harness inner happiness and energy.   Self empowerment is key to staying resilient in order to maintain physical and mental wellbeing.  If you are constantly looking for the outside world to give you the motivation then it leaves you open to disappointment when you may not be able to get that support.

Bloodstone strengthens the inner healing by addressing the ruminating mind so that you can focus your energy to repair and renew, broken confidence and build up inner strength.

Change your Attitude with Amber


We have all been there at some point when we just have a negative attitude towards ourselves, other people or situations that we are faced with.   Amber can support in balancing our emotions so that we become able to separate the woods from the trees.  Its important when faced with worries to ask yourself if what you are worried about is worth feeding all that energy and time that you give it.  Amber can support you in harnessing your logical mind by balancing out the emotional tensions. 

You will then be in a place where you can set out your worries visually and this can support you to start thinking up some solutions.  Above all amber can become a crystal that you can use to associate yourself to feel inner compassion.



Good mental health and physical and emotional wellbeing is something we can all attain and with the right tools we can nurture our resilience.   This doesn’t need to mean meditating for hours or running everyday, I have always been a firm believer in little and often.   However if you feel as though you are stuck for motivation and can’t see a starting point to begin working your way towards positive wellbeing.  Then I would share with you  to try something different no matter how small it may be; because it is the subtle changes to our energy that can sometimes have the greatest effect. 

Love and Light


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