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I recently started taking an interest in Ayurveda, as although I had heard of it,  I had no true knowledge of this ancient practice.  I was interested in whether crystals had any function in Ayurveda practice and was surprised to find that they do.  Before I delve further into how crystals are entwined in the practice of Ayurveda I will share some information on the practice itself.


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The History

The history of Ayurveda travels from India and has shaped the historical aspects of the Hindu culture.  It is thought that scholars called Rishis also known as great sadus or Sages, were concerned that humanity was living without awareness, of how their daily lives were impacting on their health.   The Rishis realised that if humanity was plagued with poor health and short life spans, that they would not be able to attain their spiritual awareness and truth.  The Rishis went into intense meditation to realise the supreme truth of internal knowledge, that could show humanity the path to health and wellbeing.   With the spiritual knowledge and truth that the Rishis attained through meditation, they placed this into a format that humanity could connect with and the texts that were created were called the Vedas.   Ayurveda is the practice that is based on the Vedas that were provided to the Rishi through meditation to pass onto future generations.


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The Vedas

The Vedas are composed of hymns and teachings and were shaped before the time of Buddha, tracing back to 1500BC.    The word Veda means ‘Wisdom’ and the Veda is considered to be a blueprint for social, administrative and religious customs of the Hindu people.    The Vedas are classified into four books, the Rig- Veda, Sama Veda, Yajur Veda and Atharva Veda.


The Practice

Western philosophy has been known for its basis on generic solutions and a one size fits all approach.   However the Ayurveda approach takes into consideration each persons unique physical, emotional and spiritual needs, a holistic approach.    Ayurveda incorporates the fundamentals of balancing diet and lifestyle practice, in order to live harmoniously with our true nature.  This is done through working with a combination of diet, exercise, massage, herbs and spices, crystals, light and colour.

In order to gain the maximum benefit from Ayurveda it is ideally practiced as a lifestyle.  However incorporating knowledge of Ayurveda into western living can be beneficial in promoting healthy longevity of life.   Although in the west we are living longer, the quality of the length of life is a question that is constantly under consideration.  As the overall culture of the western life, does not always allow such a pathway.


Crystals in Ayurveda

Ayurveda imparts that all things in the universe have a subtle influence on us.  The teachings extended this subtle energetic influence to gemstones.   It was thought that by wearing gemstones this allowed for a person on a subtle vibrational level to work on their karma. In Ayurveda crystals are used to release the effects of karma and the ancient Vedic scriptures held knowledge on how to use gemstones for healing.


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Ayurveda is used to treat individuals physically, mentally and spiritually and treatment is influenced by body type.   The body types are known as Doshas of which there are  three main types, the Doshas are Vata, Pitta and Kapha, and Ayurveda teaches how specific crystals can be used to treat imbalances in these three areas.    Across these three areas there may also be combinations of which there are four; vata/pitta,  pitta/kapha, kapha/vata and vata/pitta/kapha, making seven different body types in total.  

A persons  Dosha can be influenced by their environment, sounds, colours (see my blog on colour therapy) sounds, crystals and living space.  The weather, food, drink and level of physical activity equally have effect on a persons Dosha.   As well as an individuals Dosha, Ayurveda teaches that a person can have a natural state of being, which is the way they are most of the time called the prakruti.  The prakruti is presented as an individuals basic nature according to fixed characteristics.  Alongside the prakruti is then the temporary form which is thought of as the current state of being that is developed throughout life and is transformed by experiences.   The current state is known as the Vikruti,  I liken the concept of Prakruti and Vikruti a little somewhat to the theory of nature and nurture.


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The Vata body type is normally characterised as being restless and are considered to lead busy and active lives.  Vata are creative and generally tend to generate plenty of ideas however, are prone to stress as they become easily excited due to their desires for challenge and change.  As such Vata can leave themselves open to situations where anxiety and insecurities may arise.  Vatas should carry or wear Topaz to ease their highly strung emotions and calm their anxiety.  Amethyst crystals can create harmony and also balance the action within their life with moments of calm, peace and clarity.


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moon stone


The Pitta body type is considered average build and of balanced proportion.  Pitta personalities are busy and lean towards wanting to attain maximum achievements in their life, even to the detriment of their relationships with others at times.  This is displayed in their fiery emotions and quick temper and so I would recommend the Moon stone for Pitta personalities.   This will support in calming the fiery flare ups and promote a feminine balanced undertone to their personality.


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The Kapha is considered to generally be of sturdy build and takes things in their stride, they are calm, stable, caring and not easily annoyed,  however they can have tendencies towards greed and possessions.  Wearing Ruby will support the Kapha personality to hold greater awareness to bring resolve to situations that arise from their possessive attitude.  Allowing them to connect to the understanding of the importance of the spiritual freedom of others and equally their own.


This is just a taste of Ayurveda and I hope it prompts you to delve a little into what your Dosha may be so that you can explore further crystals that can bring balance to your natural state.  Below I leave you the link to what I think is a beautiful Ayurvedic meditation that supports the invigoration of prana ‘life force’.

Love and Light









Ayurveda Made Simple by Sally Morningstar

, Anness Publishing Ltd [2012]



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