Colour Therapy

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The science of colour is  a combination of  light source, object and a processor or observer.  However I feel that there remains a beautiful romanticism about colour and the effect that it can create which makes the earth a profound and beautiful place.  I feel that colour can be interpreted as a representation of the aliveness and energy that forms part of our personal understanding of the world.  This blog shares a few of the crystals for which the colour carries a symbolism that corresponds with our thoughts and emotions. 


Vibrations and Connection 

Colours are vibrations that are connected to a give and take of the energy that surrounds us.  For example in the way that colours  and the arrangement of colour can create reactions to enhance moods and emotions, like happiness and love.    With intuition it becomes easier to understand how colour can transform how we feel, due to the psychological effect that it has on our brain.

When I connect with a crystal, first I see it and so I connect with what I see and I am drawn to the energy of its colour.    I am attracted to the tone, hue, shades and even unusual inclusions that I find heightens particular colours.   I like soft green colours because it energises me, allowing me to feel  connected to nature.  I am generally calm and peaceful and the psychological properties of green are balance, harmony and equilibrium and so works well for my personality.




Lepodolite crystal


Violet is a colour that has often been associated with wealth and decadence, however it is also a colour that can bring out truth and spiritual awakeness and so corresponds with both the third eye and crown chakras.   Violet is a mixture of the very physical red that is energy and courage and the intellectual blue that can transmute aggression to reflection and calm.  I would recommend a violet crystal like Lepodolite if you feel that you need to create a balance between your feminine and masculine energies.    All things in life have polarity, including colours and so violet should be worn and used in moderation for harmony, so as not to tip the scale towards decadence to a point of superiority. 



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Imperial Topaz

Probably like most people I go through fluctuations in my mood and can feel on top of the world one minute, and then for no distinct reason feel annoyed, frustrated the next.  When I feel this way, it can be the most difficult time because I do not know why I feel this way and so I am confused about how to fix it. 

Often after the moment, when I reflect I realise that it is not a mood defined by what is happening outside of me, it is an imbalance of something that is going on internally.  Normally a dynamic of loneliness and feeling detached is what is occurring, which is all coming from a place of low self-esteem and lack of confidence and self-love.

From my personal experience I realised that meditating with Imperial Topaz helps to lift my mood as yellow is connected to the emotions and enhances friendships, creativity and self-esteem.   Yellow crystals are linked to new beginnings and when the feeling of stagnant energy takes over then yellow crystals can provide a boost of optimism



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Brown Jasper

Brown is often connected to warmth, earth and support so connecting with brown crystals can provide comfort and feelings of homeliness and nurturing.  Brown is a colour for relaxation and can help to ease away tension and can soothe an overly excited environment.    I like to team up meditating with a Brown Jasper and lighting a  gentle chocolate scented  candle when I am feeling the need to be energised.  Brown jasper activates the root chakra  which is the foundation for spiritual and physical energy.


Feng Shui










Colour is fundamental to the understanding of Feng Shui for balance and harmony in the home or work place.  In Feng Shui colour is placed according to the elements; fire, earth, metal, water, wood.   In Feng Shui the personal choice and use of colours is to bring energy to areas that are stagnant to increase vitality and creativity. 

Crystals compliment Feng Shui and it is often the case that crystals of a certain colour can be utilised, in conjunction with Feng Shui to release trapped energy and to bring life into certain areas of the home or work place.   

Black Tourmaline can be used both inside and outside the entrance of your home to dispel negative energy, as Black Tourmaline has a strong protective force.   When arranging Black tourmaline for protection around the home, this can also be done in a decorative and tasteful way, for example placing them around window sills or decorating plant pots.



Hematite Crystal

Another black crystal that is good for grounding and concentration is Hematite, it is a mineral form of iron and has the same crystal structure as corundum (Sapphire and Ruby).     It can be placed in the office to encourage concentration on projects that need to be completed or the bedroom of a very energetic child to support calm and focus.  Hematite is used in Feng Shui to centre energy and can also offer protection.



In summary the colours of crystals are a science of the way that we perceive light on objects, however it is shown that the colours we perceive can also have an effect on our wellbeing.   Therefore Crystal energy as colour therapy can be a way to create a greater awareness of self for the improvement and support of our emotions.   As it encourages us to think about  mood and feelings in terms of colours and this awareness, can be used to counteract negative moods by finding solutions.    Crystals as colour therapy can be effective as they are portable and can be used in many ways that include on the body, around the home and for decoration and so make it easy to access at any time.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and learnt something new and will continue to explore how colour influences your environment.

Love and Light



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