Crystal Bath

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Potentially I have a very stressful life as I have a demanding job, I am doing a law degree,  have two children, yes two! and also facilitate a weekly session for a national charity to support new mums to feel self empowered in motherhood.   Those are only a few of the things I do in my time to be quite honest.  I do get stressed sometimes and so I always welcome into my life little treats that I can use to make me feel healthier and happier both physically and mentally.  So I practice yoga, I jog and I write this blog and enjoy reading.  


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However recently I have been thinking about ways that I can also make bath time more relaxing, as lately it has become somewhat of a routine.  This week I was inspired by what the moms at the weekly session I facilatate shared, about making time to have a nice relaxing bath and how important it is for them.   So last night I  introduced crystals in and around my bath tub when having a bath, I scented the water with a little lavender essential oil and sprinkled some purifying bath salts.  I lit some candles and scented the bathroom with incense to create a spa like feel.    I have to say that just tweaking bath time in this little way felt so right and so good for my well-being. 

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It surprised me how in taking some time to make a few little changes to my bath time routine, refreshed and reinvigorated both me and the way I viewed this time.   It felt as if I had upgraded bath time from a routine to a ritual.  Rituals are entirely different from routines, a ritual can add a feel good dynamic because you become more aware of what you are doing, how you are doing it and the effect it is having on you.    It is this noticeable difference that is essentially mindfulness, which lifts a little extraordinary to the ordinary everyday.   In this blog I will share some hints and tips about crystals you can use for a deeply relaxing bath.  



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The name Opal derives from the Sanskrit word Upala, meaning jewel.  Natural Opal has a water content of around 3 to 10 percent  and has around the same resistance as glass and so immersing it in water, is unlikely to cause damage as it is very strong.  Opal brings balance to your chakra energy points, and supports in alleviating over anxious emotions.   Opal can support in the stimulation of confidence, allowing you to feel comfortable in your own skin.  If you have any worries about things that are affecting your life Opal will reflect these back.   Enabling you to place things in to perspective to realise that focusing on negative things is not good for relaxation and lowering your stress levels.  



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Whether it is a new job or relationship that you are worrying over, Malachite supports the promotion of embracing positive change.  This can introduce a fresh perspective on viewing new situations as an opportunity rather than a threat.  If you are feeling particularly on edge concerning uncertainties in your life, introducing Malachite as part of your bathing ritual can help to soothe your nerves.   Malachite can recharge the energy that you will need to meet challenges and changes within your life in a more self-empowered way.  



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Sunstone is an energising crystal and can support in uplifting your energy by assisting in releasing from attachments to things, people or situations that may be creating stress or anxiety.  If you are feeling frustrated or indecisive about a decision that you need to make, having a Sunstone bath; can support in strengthening decision making and enhancing leadership skills.   Sunstone is formed from slow cooling lava flows and gets its name, due to the fact that when it is placed in a certain light, it creates an appearance that makes it seem as though the light is shining from within the crystal.   The formation and physical appearance of Sunstone embody its metaphysical attributes to create strength and warmth in your body and mind.  



When introducing crystals to your bath it is always best to use a muslin bag, especially for smaller pieces of crystals that can be released down the drain

As well as having crystals within the water place some around the bathroom to extend the energy of relaxation and well-being. 

Placing crystals directly under the tap as you fill the bath will create a wonderful infusion

Caution: if you are prone to candida infections take care when using bath salts, which can change the natural bacterial balance of the vagina

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