Crystals for Sensuality

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Feeling free to explore your sexuality can be a world complicated with restrictions for many reasons.   Societal and religious teachings can influence people’s perceptions about what is clean and unclean sexual desires.   Too many varying influences have created a barrier and even a sense of guilt towards embracing sexuality in a holistic way and the physical and emotional bodies become locked in a state of embarrassment for feeling as a sexual being.   It can become quite a painful experience to unblock the mind from the  perceptions that have been created on what is good or bad sexually.   Working with crystals in Tantra meditations can support with increasing your ability to feel more alive and see the world through new eyes.

Crystals can be powerful aphrodisiacs that can awaken our senses in order to enable us to give and receive pleasure.  Being a Taurus I am all about my sensuality and so I decided that this blog will explore crystals for sensual stimulation when balancing your Sacral Chakra.  The Sacral chakra is our second energy centre, it is associated with our emotional body, pleasure, creativity, sensuality and the Sacral chakra awakens, activates and heals our sexuality.   Balancing our Sacral Chakra can support in healing past hurt and enhance current sexual awareness.

Red Garnet


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The Revitaliser

Red Garnet can promote an internal passion that will support the enhancement of your self-esteem, love and desire.   Red Garnet can work to improve your sensitivity and libido  which can stimulate your sensual satisfaction and create an intense sexual love.  Red Garnets planetary influence is the sun which represents energy, vitality and vigour,  so is perfectly aligned to creating both confidence and warmth.


Pink Tourmaline


The Uninhibited

Pink Tourmaline works with your sense of smell to heighten your sensual experience, encouraging you to share uninhibited physical pleasure with your beloved.   Pink Tourmaline works to  awaken the lover within bringing a more compassionate caring attitude towards yourself and other people.  It will also support in dismantling barriers that have been keeping people apart.  Discover new pleasures to bring more joy to your life by balancing the heart chakra as well as the sacral chakra with Pink Tourmaline.  Pink Tourmaline supports the emotional aspect of love, by holding and meditating with your pink tourmaline resting it on the sacral energy centre you can really balance the energy here.   Repeating an affirmation that you are open to positive love, can send this message out to the universe to allow love into your life.  It can clear the blocks that have been preventing you from being open to new love interests.    The Combination of Pink Tourmaline and Kunzite are ideal if you are ready to attract your soul mate.


Smoky Quartz

The Cleanser

If your physical hangups about your body or mental perceptions about sexuality prevent you from freely opening up to sexual pleasure, then Smokey Quartz can be a wonderful healer in these areas.  This is because Smokey Quartz can help to deal with fermenting negative energy and it is this negative energy about ourselves, that prevents us from feeling relaxed and sensual.  It will help you to do some inner exploration and balance your sexual energies by relieving emotional stress. 


Red Jasper

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The Igniter

Ancient Egyptian women were thought to have worn Red Jasper in order to harness its energies to give them grace and beauty.  I love the depth of colour of the Red Jasper, when worn as a necklace it accents the sensuality of the wearer.    I would recommend wearing or meditating with Red Jasper if you are wanting to be open to new passion in your life.   If you want to revive existing passion then Red Jasper is perfect for enhancing sensitivity and heightening sexual pleasure.


Eye Gazing

These are just a few of the beautiful crystals that can support in stimulating sensuality and opening your awareness to passion and love.  Eye Gazing is one of my favourite Tantra meditations for heightening personal awareness, of what you need to awaken within yourself on a Tantric level and embracing acceptance  of  your partner(s) for who they are and not what you perceive them to be.    

I would like to share with you what I find is a very heart warming introduction to eye gazing by Lin Lovely and Andreas



I hope you enjoyed this blog


Love and Light


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