Phantom Crystals



When I first heard about phantom crystals, I instantly conjured up an image of the mysterious entities that hid within the rocks, from the novel Into Everywhere by Paul McAuley.  I am naturally drawn to the energy of anything with a hint of mystery, so I wanted to learn more about what the phantom was and this is the inspiration for today’s blog. 

What is a Phantom

A phantom occurs when a crystal continues to grow, after experiencing a pause in its growth cycle and the boundaries then become visible due to the earlier stages of crystallisation.  The visibility of the phantom can be outlined as an inclusion, dust and even bubbles.  However the chemical structure of the crystal is known to remain the same.  It is generally considered in the crystal community that for a phantom to be true it must follow the same shape as the outer crystal.   It is easier to identify a crystal that holds phantoms when in its natural state, so this means un-tumbled and un-carved.   It is thought that phantom crystals can hold from one up to as many as thirty phantoms.  


The Amethyst phantom above is very beautiful as the chevron patterns allow the phantom structure to be easily identified.   The deep violet patterns are a nice demonstration of complete crystals within the larger structure, this phantom reminds me of the Russian Matryoshka doll.   



When I started to explore the phantom crystal I considered the phantom in some ways as the soul of the crystal.  This then led me to understand that the phantom crystals can support with self development, in serving as a mirror to observe within ourselves.  Looking within ourselves can be an exploratory process or perhaps for more specific internal work and healing.   This reflection is also given in the presence of the formation of the phantom crystal, in that it provides some information about the journey that the crystal has taken to grow to the state in which it is found.   

The phantom is a wonderful symbol of the growth cycle, providing us with support to have the insight to bring our lives into perspective.   A personal observation is that a phantom may connect us to our past lives, in order for us to begin to recognise the life lessons that we are here to unearth.

Phantom crystals that have a dark phantom and clear outer crystal, brings to mind an embryo growing within the womb, like the one below:   


Red Phantom Crystal 26

Crystals with this structure are a reminder of the protection and preservation of life and and also importance of rebirth.   Therefore if you feel stagnant in your current state of energy, this is a crystal that can support in working to create a fresh perspective and bringing about changes that can begin a process of energy circulation.  An identifier of stagnant Qi can be represented in actions such as; a reluctance to take responsibility for ones own actions and direction in life.  




Phantom crystals can be used in alignment with the known properties for the family that it belongs to.   However as it is a phantom it can have a naturally occurring magnifying effect and so I would recommend connecting with the energy of a phantom for no longer than ten minutes at a time.  Phantom crystals are known to aid in connecting with the akashic records and so can move to the surface powerful emotions, thoughts, words and intentions.  When connecting with a phantom in Chakra healing, have a couple of crystals like a Carnelian or an Aragonite close by to aid in anchoring and grounding.     



Image result for pause and reflect


I feel that the physical beauty of the Phantom crystal and the story of its formation, is a symbol of perfect imperfections.  Phantoms guide us towards the importance in pausing to reflect at junctures in our lives and provide an understanding, that we can always continue our journey towards creation of something truly beautiful.   Phantom crystals carry a message from nature that everything needs some time out in life and that all is not lost.  If crystals can be this resilient under such intense pressure and conditions, it inspires me further to realise that we can be too.

I would like to share with you the Sacred Pause by Tara Brach:



Love and Light


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