Are Crystals Healing?


Are Crystals Healing?

In the majority of the scientific community, crystals are considered to be no more than special types of solid material that are able to form interesting shapes, due to its molecular structure.  Generally speaking the scientific community do not hold credence to crystals having energetic vibrations that can be attuned to for healing. [1]

However whether or not crystals can be quantified by intellect alone depends upon the perception as to whether science has the capacity to measure everything.     It is proven that science cannot measure all things concerning matters of human feelings and emotions.  There are situations that step outside the measurement of scientific equation, for example the ability to measure love.  Science can only measure what happens to the brain when a person is in a state of attraction, however love extends beyond attraction and encompasses some very complex emotions and feelings.  What about matters such as morality and finding meaning in our lives, there is currently no calculation advanced enough that can measure or give us answers to this.  In as much as the darkness that rests outside our universe, which is as yet to be explored.  Some things sit beyond the scope of intellect, escaping the parameters of our endeavour to pursue control.  Science is after all, about finding a way to understand what came before and what we will leave behind. [2]



So, are Crystals Healing?  There is an article written by Elizabeth Palermo in Live Science and in this she mentions that currently there are very few science based studies into the healing effect of crystals on humans.  However in her Article Palermo quoted some of the results of  a Professor Christopher French’s’ 2001 study into Placebo effects.  There was a small study into the possible placebo effect of crystals, consisting of  80 participants.  The outcome of the study suggested that the effects of crystal healing was founded on belief and that the results were similar to a placebo effect.  This was based on half of the participants being primed to respond to a crystals vibration and warming effects, irrespective of whether they held a real or fake crystal, with this information being withheld from them.  Due to the number of  participants who responded positively to suggest they felt energetic vibration and warmth from the fake crystals, Professor French’s overall finding was that there was a placebo effect going on.  It was considered that our cognitive systems have a penchant for fooling us in the use of crystals, based on what we are told or made to understand [3].


There is an overriding impression that we can all too easily be tricked by our own minds, however I think that is due to a cognitive detachment from our intuition.  I feel that intuition is a large component in connecting with crystals and people have varying abilities when using their intuition.  There is no indication that participants were tested on their intuitive performance and that is because to date, science has found no substantive way to measure intuition.  Yet it has been seen that our intuitive function shows up in decision-making areas of our lives within which we hold awareness. [4]

Ultimately, should a person not be in a position to connect with their highest form of intuition, then crystal energy may merely be a matter of the placebo effect for them.  However, if this contributes to a positive impact in that person’s life, for example by reducing symptoms such as  pain, depression and anxiety then this relief  should be considered to be a positive experience. 


Carnelian Crystals


The first crystal I connected with was the carnelian crystal, during the course of which I was going through a turbulent time emotionally in my life.  I was drawn to choose the carnelian crystal without knowing anything about its healing effects.  When I first started out on my crystal journey it was more so that I thought crystals were pretty and to pick up on a childhood passion of collecting stones.   I later researched on the carnelian and learnt that it was a stone that could be used for anchoring and grounding.  This meaning, that it could support in stabilising a persons feelings and emotions.  Perhaps it was simply synchronicity, but what I experienced through being attuned to the carnelian was a sense of calm, warmth and feeling satisfied within myself.  In fact recently I lost that carnelian crystal, during that time I was not able to connect to my meditation practice and felt less balanced.  Coincidentally my approach to challenges were far for reactionary than responsive.  

I think it is certainly  helpful  to share data and have an understanding of both the science and experiential perspective regarding the use of crystals,  in-order to be able to positively evaluate the benefit that crystal healing is capable of supporting.   However in relation to my awareness  and experience of what  I have gained though crystal healing, I feel it is incomparable to anyone else, and this may be the case for many people who practice crystal healing as no two people are the same.  

Further to the topic of intuition I would like to share an interesting short clip below, where computer scientist and philosopher Gregory Wheeler is interviewed by World Science Festival, contemplating how we make up our minds and make decisions within our lives. 

1 accessed 9/1/18
2 accessed 9/1/18

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