Crystals for Peace and Relaxation

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Relaxation is Who You Are 

I treated myself to a relaxing full body massage this week,  and spent the day in absolute bliss eating healthy food, drinking plenty of water and relaxing.  There are days when I feel that I need to turn inwards and focus on the healing that my mind and body needs and this was definitely one of them. 

It’s a new year and I am continuing my upward trend of being kind to myself…I think if there is anything you can do this year to live a healthier happier life it would be to engage and surround yourself in things that you enjoy.   Engaging in positive activity that is healthy, wholesome and relaxing helps the body to reduce the release of stress chemicals like cortisol and adrenaline into the bloodstream. [1] 

The top three things that help me to relax and unwind are: 

  • Having a relaxing massage 
  • Being in nature
  • Meditating with my crystals whilst listening to the rain 

There are many beautiful crystals that you can work with that support relaxation and calming of the mind and body.  In this blog I will share with you some of my favourite crystals that I like to work with when I feel tension, anxiety and stress.  Crystals can also be found that are smooth and polished to aid in massage. Very similar to how you would use hot stones, although you receive the benefit of the nurturing energetic performance of the crystals.  Each crystal holds its own signature and works with you intuitively, it’s always nice to take your time; to find a crystal with a rhythm that you can attune to. [2]


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Aventurine is beneficial for meditation as it enhances the finding of inner peace. With inner peace comes a clarity of mind and when you have mental clarity, you gain resilience and can cope better with demands and challenges that life presents to you. 

Aventurine is a variety of quartz and it comes in blue, red, purple, orange and grey.  However my most prized variety of Aventurine is green, as I find it has an earthy calming effect.  In Feng Shui it is said that green Aventurine utilises wood energy which is the symbolism for nourishment, health and growth.  

One of the beauties of green Aventurine is its ability to stimulate harmony of the mind, body and soul.  A balancing and bringing together of the emotional, intellectual, physical and auric energy.  If you feel your ying yang is not in balance then bringing this crystal into your meditative realm; will harmonise the male and female energies and support you to feel at one with your own heart. [3]

Heart Chakra

Green Aventurine is associated with the heart chakra, that is represented by the colour green. 

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The Heart Chakra represents unconditional love for yourself and others, it reinforces compassion and emotional balance. The reason we need compassion in our life, is so that we can learn to accept ourselves for who we are and to also accept others for who they are. 

When we learn to accept ourselves we embrace our nature and focus more on what we like about ourselves.  Rather than creating emotional blocks by concentrating on the things that we do not like.  When we are confronted with aspects of our personalities that we do not favour, we can start to embrace these feelings as they arise; through acceptance and journeying towards development of our core being.  

Our core being is our true essence, our true selves beyond the false pretense of our history, thoughts or worst traits [4].  An example of living as your true self is to be unafraid to make changes in your life, this can be through relationships, study, work or lifestyle.  When you can make changes in your life you are taken on a journey beyond fear, outside of preconditions and comfort zones [5].  When you step outside the boundaries of fear, you step into a dimension of intuitive thinking.  It is in doing this that you can begin to place trust in your ability to make decisions for your own life.  Working on you heart chakra to begin acceptance is a process and one that takes time and dedication. With an ability to step outside of the illusions that we create for ourselves, we can then  begin the work of  shifting paradigms. [6]

Old Precepts 

The dominant paradigms into which we have been born teach us what are considered as the normal values and system of thoughts around which we should construct our lives.  They have mostly been shaped around the back drop of  institution, with a requirement for the majority to  engage in largely inflexible and un-fullfing work for over half of our physical life span.  Engaging in this type of activity directs us away from reaching our true and natural potential as we become convinced that settling into the paradigm comprises of all that we are.  Many of us may reach an age where we start to look for a partner and think about settling down to have children.  We continue the process of overworking; whilst our children revolve in and out of the educational system in preparation for a similar non progressive cycle.  Now this paradigm may work for many people and yes having a system is essential to some extent for security and to maintain an uncontaminated structure.  However as a conscious lightworker, it is my work to speak about the ways in which such kinds of dominant paradigms can greatly distance us from our ability to connect with our higher purpose.  As essentially the dominant paradigm ascends to being one where, there becomes no true purpose or value to any individual being, however more so to the paradigm for which we then seek to exist.    I was locked in such a paradigm for over 7 years and felt so preoccupied with the fear of not conforming, that I forgot who I was as a person and neglected to explore my inner purpose.   I forgot that I was a conscious being that was capable and needed to love and care for my wellbeing, in a holistic way that far outstrips the requirements of a three-dimensional lifestyle.    I don’t feel that there is anything revolutionary in stating this, as essentially these thoughts are held within all our intuitive processes.  However the need for continuing inner work is still as great as it ever was.  This message is not about crushing the status quo but more so in obtaining balance alongside it so that individuals can lead lives that feel holistic and fulfilled. 


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A good friend gifted me a beautiful candle holder carved and smoothed from the Amethyst rock.  Although I am not a possessions type of person, it is one of my most favourite gifts that I have received.  I love its versatility of being a candle holder that I can use as part of my ritual in meditation.  I also connect with the healing energetic vibration that I feel when holding it. 

If suffering from stress and anxiety issues, then Amethyst is a beneficial stone to work with in easing out the tensions brought on by stressful situations.  It lowers stress by balancing out the subtle bodies, which like a scale can weigh heavy on one side or the other and cause depletion of energy. [7]

Third Eye Chakra

Amethyst works with the third eye chakra which is represented by the colour indigo.  The third eye chakra is linked to the stability of our mood and so when this chakra is in balance we will find that we can feel more secure in our emotions and this can lead to having a more positive response to challenges that arise.  What this means is that we begin to engage in increased productive responses to situations that arise.  Rather than spontaneous reacting, that can then leave us feeling compromised about the decisions we make, which can later create a negative karmic cycle of thinking. [8]

Childhood Trauma

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A most important state of mind that working on the third eye chakra can support, is in clearing out childhood trauma.  Were you mistreated or abused physically or emotionally as a child?  Perhaps you were a child who was always pushed to feel worthless or lazy if you did not study hard and compete to be the best.  Or perhaps your parents words and actions may have led you to feel, that hard academic work and material incentive was the only route to personal achievement.  Perhaps you were not supported to feel contentment , happiness, and  positivity for being loved as you were.  Maybe your weaknesses were highlighted and you were made to feel self-conscious, of your imperfections and these were linked to negative attributes that corresponded with failure.   If this is the type of challenge and difficulty that you have faced, then working on your energy in the third eye chakra whilst integrating Amethyst, can support in creating healing for you to clear those negative blocks.  [9]

Over Dependency 

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When there is imbalance of the third eye chakra, this can lead to obscured intuitive thinking, indecisiveness and an inability to trust in yourself and your abilities.   This can create a sense of ineffectiveness in creating your own reality and encourages a heavy reliance to be accepted and validated, by energies outside of yourself and over dependency.   During periods of over dependency on others we can easily lose our sense of self, direction, values and moral compass.  This can lead us to step away from who we are and make changes that are not in alignment with our true path. [7]

Consciousness, Sleep and Over-work

Amethyst is a great aid in meditation as it is a soothing and gentle crystal. Placing an Amethyst under your mattress or pillow can aid with a peaceful and refreshing sleep.  Amethyst creates calm, peace and support in entering a deeper consciousness due to the high vibration that it carries.   People under heavy pressure due to an intense work ethic, can benefit from a course of meditative connection with Amethyst; in order to learn how to enjoy the benefits of regular relaxation. [10]

Smokey Quartz

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Alternate dimensions? Bending realities? sometimes day-to-day life can be so much more stressful than even trying to wrap our thinking around the toughest subjects in science.  Mostly because on a day-to-day basis we do not try to think of other worlds or multi-verses.  However we do stress over the realities that life throws at us; like relationships, work, bills and if we drive our egos into the mix then our emotions can become an absolute catastrophe. 


When I feel I am reaching boiling point I know its time to meditate and connect with the healing energy of Smoky Quartz.  It supports grounding and anchoring into the present moment.  Which is useful during times when our thoughts get ahead and wrestle to transport our minds to a distant place called future worry.   I find that grounding into the present moment is best achieved through meditating in bare feet and having close contact with the direct energy that comes from the surface of the earth.

Smoky Quartz has an abundance of properties, one of which is to protect against negative energy.  Although we tend to concentrate on the negative energy coming from outside ourselves, which can be perfectly valid.  Smoky Quartz further directs us to look at the energy coming from within, that may not be conducive to our wellbeing and greater good.   Smoky Quartz should be used diligently as it is a high energy crystal and can be powerful when used in meditation; to raise to the surface for clearing of; fears, dark emotions and negative thinking that is likely to keep us down.  [11]

Root Chakra

Smoky Quartz is associated with the Root Chakra, also known as the Mooladhara.  The Mooladhara is represented by the colour red, which is a bold and stimulating colour.  This chakra supports courage, stability and security. When the Mooladhara is not in balance you may feel uncertainty and emotional insecurity in aspects of your life concerning [12]:

  • A shift towards undermining personal values and integrity in the quest to obtain worldly possessions. 
  • feeling the need to be aggressive towards others or use people in the advancement for 3 dimensional gains
  • worry and anxiety that you can never feel fulfilled either materialistically or in your relationships
  • An ideology of life presenting ongoing struggles and an inability to feel settled

Thank you for taking the time to read.

I hope the above has provided some insight for thought on the importance of relaxation and some knowledge on the healing properties of crystals, that aid in supporting peace and calm within the physical and meta-physical bodies. 


I would like to close with a link to a Moolahadra meditation, as I believe that in order to find relaxation we must find peace.  In order to find peace we must become anchored to our present moment.  In order to be anchored into our present moment, we must seek grounding and this is best served through the balancing of the root chakra:


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