A Crystal for the Heart


Green Agate balances the heart chakra to bring our emotions and feelings into alignment, whilst encouraging balance, calm and spiritual growth

Have you ever sat and asked yourself what is happening with your head and your heart, only to find that there is no response or a response that leads to further internal struggles?  As our emotions can be transient formations of the mind, there is a continuous search for answers linked to questions about our feelings to things particularly which; we have become attached to.  Our emotional heart is linked to our emotional subtle body and so is exposed to a variety of different experiences throughout our lifetimes.   All these experiences leave an imprint that can influence our perceptions of future relationships and connections.  This isn’t always such a bad thing, as the expectations we create within our minds whether real or illusory can serve as a natural tool to  shield ourselves from the threat of emotional and psychological pain.  However some of the blueprints written on our emotional heart can prevent us from moving forward and they form ideals, mental and emotional conditions that can limit our possibilities for positive and engaging relationships within our lives.  In the same way that we cleanse our bodies, to remove the build up of physical toxins, we can all take a little time for ourselves to cleanse our emotional body.

Green Agate can support healing and ascension from, toxic build up of negative emotions of the heart.  Through the discovery of how to attune ourselves with the healing powers  of Green Agate, we can learn to release tension from the heart and create space for self acceptance, love for others and the environment that surrounds us.

Love and relationships are influenced by intuition and people often use their hearts over their heads, despite what they may rationalise to themselves.   Sometimes this can mean that the process of connections we make with each other, does not always go according to plan or structure in the same way as other aspects of our lives.   Working with Green Agate can support in the development of our intuitive working, enabling us to become  sensitive to the subtle signs that present themselves within our life and feeling strong enough to trust our own decisions.   Green Agate can enhance our mental and emotional ability, this is why Green Agate is also known to be a crystal that supports improvement in personal decision making in all aspects of our lives.

Metaphysical Properties of Green Agate

Green agate is a mineral of the Quartz family and can be found in Africa, Brazil, India and the USA, and has a soft, waxy, translucent appearance.  This beautiful; harmonising crystal is a gateway to manifesting creativity and  supporting problem solving.  When you bring into your intentions the desire for physical and emotional balance, Green Agate can support in the stimulation of the alignment within the physical, subtle, emotional and mental bodies through its balancing of the yin and yang.   Green Agate can support the healing of the remnants of a broken heart that has been left feeling bitter and angry; to create space for love that in turn stimulates a higher consciousness that can support spiritual ascension.

To care for Green agate

Cleanse your crystal in warm salt water, try to avoid using household chemicals or abrasives.

Store either in a small fabric pouch or fabric lined box.

Green Agate and the Chakras

Green Agate is known to resonate with the heart Chakra and through working with the bodies subtle energy fields, using meridian massage and chakra meditation; it is possible to balance our heart Chakra in order to bring our emotions and feelings back into alignment.

The heart chakra is represented by the colour green, green is the prominent colour of nature and represents the earth and grounding.  Green energy introduces structure into our existence and supports balance and calm.   Green Agate is a subtle energy crystal, this means that it is an enhancing crystal to use when working with auric energy for restoration to depleted outer energy fields and can recharge our emotional body.

Green Agate crystal Meditation, to balance and restore your heart chakra:

  • Come into a comfortable position, this can either be in the lotus pose, seated or laying down.  The important thing is to feel comfortable within your body and the way in which it is positioned.  Gently close your eyes, and relax your facial muscles.
  • Place your Green Agate in your palms and rest your palms in the centre of your chest where the heart chakra is located.
  • Take a deep breath in and Imagine a white light filling your body from the top of your head and filtering through all angles of your body as you fill your lungs and feel your body expand.   Hold this breath for 3 seconds.
  • As you breath out use your energy behind this outbreath motion and really push the breath out as you empty your lungs and feel your body contract.
  • Repeat this process three times and then bring your breath back to a natural rhythm.
  • lower your hands from your heart chakra and bring them to rest in your lap with your Green Agate resting in your palm.
  • Sit quietly here with your focus on your heart chakra and as you visualise the green sphere of your heart chakra rotating you see the 12 lotus petals expand open.
  • Take a deep breath in through your nose and as you breath out through your mouth imagine your heart chakra with its lotus flowers outstretched rotating a little faster.  Repeat this process three times.
  • As you bring your breath back to your natural rhythm, envisage your heart chakra slowing down to rotate with the rhythm of your breath.  As your heart Chakra slows steadily imagine your lotus flower petals closing slowly, slowly until the petals are held closed in the form of a bud.
  • Keep your eyes closed for a few seconds here to ground and release yourself from your practice
  • As you open your eyes, know that you have done good work today and that your heart chakra has been cleansed and cleared.


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