Selenite for solace from the mind


I use to very often find myself caught up within an endless stream of mind chatter, this chatter became both emotionally and physically exhausting and painful.   What I now know is that my mind would work against me in a huge way, however I could not recognise this then as I was so caught up within the mind and believed everything that mind said was true.  In this blog I talk about clearing the mental fog using Selenite, and provide a guide to a short, however  deeply relaxing and purifying meditation harnessing the crystal healing energies of Selenite.

Clear Mind

In the western world we are taught so many things that society believes will be useful for our adult lives, much of the teachings that we receive focus on the external aspects of life.  However what is deeply missed is the essential teaching that one requires which is focused on the inner workings within our bodies and mind.   As an adolescent I spent vast quantities of my time stuck within my mind which was cleverly skilled at concocting fantasies and half truths to suck me further into the abyss of ego.   As prisoners to our ego; countless hours are wasted that can be used creatively to fulfil our life’s purpose.

The battle of the mind continued into my early adulthood and was so much more so when living a business and vastly stressed led lifestyle, where there has been limited time for inner healing.   I found that years of working in a business office had eroded at the sense of silence required to silence the mind.  As life became busier the mind became louder, the busyness of life seemed to equate more worry and rumination.

Things began to change when I reduced my working hours, and started to spend less time consumed by the mind.   I started working on crystal healing, yoga and chakra based meditation and I found that I started working with how my body was feeling and working with my intuition.  I started to realise so much more joy and juice from life, and began to release the energy that was not serving a positive purpose in my life.

Recently I have been reading A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle.   I am a few chapters in and already I have felt inspired to release the ego and let go of the mind on a day to day basis, by simply living in the moment.  I have been reviving much of the inner work that I started in identifying my mind from myself.  I wanted to share my experiences of reviving my work and experiences of staying in the present by joining this with my passion for crystals.   I have found that the crystal Selenite has been energetically beneficial for creating spaces where I can enjoy a pure clarity from mind and body.


Selenite is a form of gypsum; which is a soft sulphate mineral, composed of calcium sulphate.  Selenite named after the Moon Goddess Selene, is commonly recognised by its frosty look and powdery texture however there are many different varieties of hues and shape.   Selenite is recorded to be a crystal that aids truth and honesty, which is why when working with the energy from this crystal we can stimulate mental clarity and flexibility that can support in better quality decision making and mental balance.   Therefore Selenite is a valuable crystal for when you are at crossroads in  life and are faced with making important decisions.

Selenite being associated with the energy of the moon brings into focus the yin energies and qualities, that draw upon the virtues of instinct and emotional harmony.    Selenite can aid in ascension to the stars and connection to communicating with Angel guides, through its resonance with the third eye chakra.   Selenite can be applied for clearing energy blocks in the body as well as the mind, when used as a cleanser for the subtle body.

Selenite and the Chakras

Selenite is connected with the Crown and Third Eye energy centres.  The energetic vibration of Selenite opens and activates the Third Eye and Crown Chakra and also cleanses the auric field and removes blockages of congested energy.

Meditation and Selenite

Prepare your Selenite crystal for meditation by cleansing it in salt, on a sunny window sill or within the smoke of a favourite incense.  Selenite has a soft stone structure and so should not be placed in water as this can cause a gradual erosion.  It is good to start your meditation by programming your crystal, what this essentially does is communicates to your crystal your intention.

Once your crystal is cleansed and programmed, you can light some incense, or candles and lightly cleanse your space with a crystal infused vaporizer:

  1. Now that your space is ready,  prepare yourself into a comfortable seated position with your Selenite cradled within your hands and your hands placed within your lap.
  2. Gently close your eyelids down,  take three deep breaths in through your nose  and out through your mouth; releasing any stress and anxiety.   At your third in breath visualise a pure, healing white light illuminating around your third eye chakra,  as you breath out visualise that healing white light activating and cleansing your third eye chakra.
  3. As you breath out know that all the blocked energies within your third eye Chakra is being cleared to make space for clarity and  purity.
  4. Repeat this practice now focusing on your Crown chakra.
  5. To bring this very delicate, yin based mediation to a close rub your crystal gently in the palm of your hand to stimulate the release of energy and lightly stroke the aura that protects your upper chakras.
  6. Beginning at your hips open your palms upwards cleansing your subtle bodies nearest to the sacral chakra and work slowly upwards through your solar plexus,  heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras.
  7. Stay within the flow of your rhythm and gently caress your palms over the back of your crown and across the top of your shoulder blades to your shoulder.
  8. As you do so you will feel a sensation of your chest opening (take a nice deep breath here in through your nose and out through your mouth).   Bring your palms inwards palm facing your mid back and come to close by brushing across the lumber region.

This Selenite meditation aids in clearing the crown chakra, activating the third eye, and opening the heart chakra.



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