Aventurine and Leadership


All people  have a leadership quality available to them, that they can tap into at anytime the situation requires.

I have often met people who at first judgment consider me to be a charismatic person, who is outspoken and possesses the ingenuity to create ideas and construct decisions in order to make things happen.  This version of me is true as I do possess these abilities, however; what is also true is that over the years I have been my biggest set back,  by not understanding my abilities and using my energy creatively and correctly.   At times my lack of knowledge about myself has led me to say no to opportunities that have come my way, because of the belief systems that I have adopted that some people are leaders and some people are not.  My historical attitude towards what a leader looked like in my mind, was mainly based on an ingrained societal  imprint.  I found that the firsts steps I could take in reprogramming my attitude was to re-distinguish the meaning of the word leadership and to disconnect it from the societal norms.

Leadership in Our Lives

With the UK elections coming up on the 8th June,  I have been thinking about the ways in which negative or positive  leadership can impact all our lives.   I have been considering crystals that are beneficial for all leaders, to enhance positive leadership and structure within decision-making processes, to increase productivity and organisation.

Taking leadership is one of the toughest challenges that most people will face, this can be in the home, workplace or community.  However taking the lead can open up enriching opportunities that can offer positive experiences and learning opportunities and the only way to take advantage of this is to say yes to opportunities.   Not everyone will say yes and this can be for a number of reasons.  These can range from lack of motivation, low self-esteem and a feeling of not being cut out for the job.

I believe that all individuals have a leadership quality available to them, that they can tap into at anytime the situation requires.  This quality starts with having a positive state of mind and a set of energetically charged belief systems that can act as an inspirational prompt.

The ability to make thinks happen and be effective at what you do begins with energy, when your leadership energy is depleted its easy to find that the power source is not available when required, in order to tap into the ability and make good decisions.    I believe the first step towards positive and fulfilling leadership is to start by working on balancing the energy that fuels this ability.



Green Aventurine is known as the stone of opportunity and it is thought that when you attune to a green Aventurine crystal it is possible to form a positive relationship that will enable the ability to access the crystals energy in order to manifest the properties of prosperity, wealth and opportunity.    Aventurine amplifies a persons ability in decision-making, leadership and stimulates with completing business administration.   Aventurine can support in becoming a productive leader that is open to the ideas of others and can lead with a sense of humour and openness.

Aventurine can be found in colour varieties such as blue, red, brown and peach.  Aventurine is an Opaque Quartz, that has a shiny speckled appearance and a grainy  consistency to the touch.


Aventurine and the Chakras

By activating the Heart Chakra; Green Aventurine can be used to provide balance and emotional stability that is required in decision-making.  Aventurine can also provide an energy shield to block energy from other people who may tap into and deplete your energy resources.  Working on the third eye Chakra with Aventurine enhances creativity.

By utilising the benefits of Aventurine to promote balance and harmony within your heart, it is possible to make better judgments and become more tolerant when faced with situations that may normally push your patience.


Aventurine and Meditation

When green Aventurine is used in meditation it can provide a wonderful transitional support in bringing earth energy into our efforts in living a quantum lifestyle, where we are able to manifest in our lives the best possible outcomes that we desire.


How to use Aventurine

Aventurine can be placed in bathwater to soothe, heal and reduce anxiety and stress.

FengShui- place green Aventurine on your work desk to sharpen your mind and enhance creativity.

When using Aventurine in Chakra healing it is recommended to initially work with a trained crystal healing practitioner who has an understanding of the specific layout required in order to work with your energy and desires.


Where Aventurine is found

Aventurine is found in India, Chile, Spain, Russia, Brazil and Tanzania.


Our Understanding of Aventurine

Along your journey towards leadership and achieving your goals, Aventurine is a crystal that can support in harnessing the abilities that you possess.  Aventurine is a multi faceted crystal as it is able to enhance your abilities to generate the energy required to carry out your ambitions and goals.   Whilst at the same time when used in Chakra healing and Meditation, Aventurine can support in grounding and protecting the energy that has been created.

If you are seeking to enhance your leadership abilities so that you can become a positive influence in your home, within your work, local, national or international community, it is possible.  Society predetermine that some people are leaders and some people are not, I believe that this is a societal myth.  We are all leaders.   The foundation of constructive, positive, productive leadership cannot be quantified by material gains.  Often our most productive leaders and influencers in society who truly touch the heart of what matters, go unnoticed by mainstream media.

Being a positive leader starts with creating, recognising and tapping into the energy from within yourself to recognise the qualities that you possess.  When you learn how to develop these qualities,  you  will realise that what you harness will attract the external energy required to create a momentum of productivity.  Productivity can manifest itself in a subtle way as well as on a grand scale.  The humour and openness that Aventurine inspires, supports in the development of leaders that are not constantly judgmental of themselves and others but can recognise when they and leaders around them are working to their best.


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