Tourmaline: From Sri Lanka to Purification

Tourmaline is a liberating crystal that wishes to support us


I have been struggling to form positive intimate relationships and seem to be attracting the wrong types of men into my life almost habitually.   Yesterday morning  I had a calling that a crystal was asking to connect with me and with a strong internal intuition that the crystal would support me with my heart chakra and self worth.

As I walked around the quaint Stepping Stones crystal store, I became aware that I was not certain in what form the crystal would appear.  So until the crystal was ready to reveal itself I occupied my time by  looking around the store at pendants, tumble stones, candles and fragrant incense sticks.  After handling numerous crystals and not sensing any true connection, I was about to leave the store as my parking was due to expire.  However I decided to take one last look among the array of unpolished crystals and found what I had been longing to see.

I read the little note that was printed beside the crystal and it read “Tourmaline” this was a crystal I was familiar with.  I gently placed the crystal in the palm of my hand and clasped my palm closely.  I could feel a warm energetic resonation and I surrendered the crystal towards the light for a moment; to pause, appreciate and adore this beautiful tourmaline.

Tourmaline and the Heart Chakra

Green Tourmaline is an origin of Sri Lanka and is known in the crystal world as the heart chakra opener and a crystal that aids compassion.  It is a powerful healing crystal that can support spiritual and emotional balance and alter negative energy fields into positive conditions.  During heart chakra balancing; gently hold or place your Tourmaline crystal in alignment with your heart chakra to clear away emotional blockages and make room for kindness and self love.

Tourmaline for relationships

A wise man once said “All we need is love”.  Tourmaline being so closely connected with our heart chakra has plenty of love to share and a gentle energy; that supports self acceptance and love, which enables us to be able to give and receive love.  Tourmaline when placed in the bedroom, connects with our heart centre as a magnifying aphrodisiac to dispel inhibitions and strengthen physical pleasure.   Green, pink and watermelon Tourmaline are all stimulating crystals for the bedroom.

Green Tourmaline can come to our aid in times of relationship challenges, when you are feeling unsure about your position or where the relationship is going. Green Tourmaline can bring a sense of clarity to recognise clearly the present issues and make decisions about whether a relationship is truly the best place for us.   Watermelon Tourmaline can aid in the resolving of relationship conflict and Pink Tourmaline can encourage a more loving condition.

Tourmaline for Protection

Relationships can become riddled with unseen and unspoken energies.  Other peoples negativity can cause our energy to be come drained and this causes an imbalance within our Chakras.  This type of negative energy can manifest as a psychic attack in the form of ill thoughts that a person may project towards you.   Black Tourmaline can support in the deflection of negative energy and create a protective field that shields from psychic attack.   Black Tourmaline is beneficial for creating a safe space and can be used in Feng Shui practice to bring protection to the home, car and work space to deflect negative energy and promote harmony.

Our Understanding of the Tourmaline

Tourmaline is an intuitive, energetic crystal that possesses both beauty and healing qualities to energise and stimulate an imbalanced heart chakra.  It supports in bringing about clarity at times in our lives when we need solutions for matters of the heart.  Tourmaline is a protector of the aura and holds great strength in dispelling negative energies and supporting the avoidance of negative energy altogether.   Tourmaline works with our intuition and that is one of its many beauties, as it stimulates our recognition of negative energy in our life so that we can avoid those conditions from affecting us.  What this suggests to me is that Tourmaline is also a liberating crystal that wishes to support us in finding a greater strength from within so that we can help ourselves.


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