Carnelian Meanings and Uses

The carnelian is a grounding crystal that can be used to heal and transform your life

Semiprecious stones


The carnelian was the very first crystal that I was instantly drawn to.  What I found first alluring was the caramel complexion that was emitting a warmth and glow that resonated so beautifully and directly with my heart.   Although the carnelian may at first glance appear to be an inauspicious crystal, it is historically the crystal of pharaohs and empresses.   I later found that this precious crystal was also one of my birth stones, and so in my style I set about trying to learn as much about this crystal as I could.  Now some people are drawn to many crystals, however my crystals choose me in a very peculiar way.  When I am drawn to a crystal such as my carnelian in this sense, I find that the crystal asks me to spend quality time with it.   Time to understand and bond and for this reason although I do not have or wish to have many crystals at this stage, I have a few well placed and understood crystals.  In this way I find that I attune to my crystals and I am able to get the energy, blessings and grounding that I desire from my crystal.  Put simply I have a very close connection with my carnelian.

Carnelians are well known for their caramel variety, however they also come in hues of pink; such as the pink carnelian that promotes love between parents and children.  The carnelian has been used since the beginning of human history as a talisman to heal and protect and also used in jewellery to adorn and beautify.  Carnelians like so many other crystals were considered objects of beauty and power.

Carnelian love

The warm orange carnelian is often associated with enhancing eroticism, and when scattered around the bedroom can stimulate an aphrodisiac effect.

Carnelian and the body

Crystals have associated uses with different parts of the anatomy, and can be used to correct physical imbalances within the bones and organs.  Crystals are used to balance and heal the body and when used correctly can be placed on the body or made into elixirs that can have a beneficial effect.   The carnelian is associated with the liver and can purify the blood of the liver and kidneys, carnelian does this by increasing blood circulation.  Carnelian is also associated with the testes and as such is a healing crystal for the suffering of impotence and sexual anxieties.

The Mind

When the nervous system is out of balance the mind will become disturbed,  symptoms such as depression will become present and show in the form of low self-esteem and confusion.  Carnelian is a supportive crystal with qualities that can support the balancing of such mental states in order to bring about calm and peace for the mind.   Carnelian has properties that can aid in the clearing of external thoughts from the mind, treating negative mental states using the carnelian in this way can be used in conjunction with meditation, by talking with your crystal to set your intentions to focus your scattered thoughts.  Carnelian can be used to dispel delusionary thoughts and this healing can bring about clarity and ground the mind into the present moment.

Self Protection and the Aura

The aura is a subtle body system that surrounds the physical form and is like a protective screen that repels other peoples negative energy and protects our bodies from energy leakage.  However the aura can become depleted due to depression, anxiety and stressWhen this happens we become vulnerable to external energies, that can manifest as mental and physical illness.   Crystals can be used to repair gaps within the aura by slowly running a crystal over the area of the aura, normally broken areas of the aura will manifest as cold and energy-less areas of the body.  Carnelian is a beautiful crystal to incorporate into a routine practice for aura cleansing to remove unpleasant thoughts and mental states from the mind.


As mentioned above the carnelian is a crystal that is beneficial for creating a grounding state of being and has many time provided centring and calm to my life in periods of stress and difficulty.  The carnelian has strong and powerful connections to mother Gaia and anchors us to our surroundings within the universe, this in turn brings us a sense of peace, clam and tranquillity.  Carnelian is a meditative crystal as its properties enable it to remove external thoughts to become more in control of our actions and in turn our life.

Carnelian inspiration

Are you suffering from lack of creativity or feel that you cannot harness ideas like you used to?

The carnelian crystal when attuned with positive intentions can aid in strengthening creative ideas to form inspirational inventions.  The carnelian does this by; drawing out curiosity and enthusiasm for seeking and learning new things, that can influence your creative path in life and provide a new light to the perspective in which you view things.

Our understanding of the Carnelian

I believe that our human understanding of the properties of the carnelian crystal are still very limited.  However what we do know is that the carnelian gives so much to the earth and to us and is a crystal to be celebrated for its resource and energy that it chooses to share.  As can be seen it is a crystal that possesses the properties to heal both mental and physical state and can stimulate the creation of new ideas and increase motivation.  The carnelian is a grounding crystal that can be used to heal and transform your life, to enable you to become aligned with what you desire so that you can meet your lifes’ true purpose.

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